Boarding at Eagle Bear

Join the herd at a beautiful natural horsemanship based farm where your horse can have the three things most important to a horse – safety, comfort, and play.

Eagle Bear Farm provides a great retirement home for older horses! They can live out their life in a relaxing low-key environment and can even frequently be subjects for natural care workshops such as massage and kinesiology.

Boarding Amenities Include:

  • Full board care at a field board price
  •  Multiple rubber matted shed-row barns with fans and lighting
  • 24-7 access to high quality low-carb hay in slow-continuous free choice hay feeding systems
  •  Variety of turn-out regimens to meet metabolic needs
  • Free Choice Mineral Stations
  • Turn out on excellent Pasture/Rotated Monthly
  • Healthy low-sugar, organic where possible, daily feeding
  • Board includes both natural and chemical, when necessary, wormers
  • Available Regular Natural Hoof Trim Care
  • Private Boarders’ Tack Room
  • Use of All Training Facilities & Playground
  • FREE Admission to Play Days and Tournaments at Eagle Bear Farm
  • FREE audit pass to any of Eagle Bear Farm’s Clinic offerings
  • Discounts on Eagle Bear Farm Clinics

Please call Lauren for details. (919) 452-3023