PlayDays & Tournaments

Come join us at EagleBear Farm for a fun-filled day in a supportive positive environment…with or without your Equine Partner.  Start time varies depending on time of year but we go as long as you want to hang out…we have a potluck lunch around 12:30pm and then play in the afternoon.  The PlayDays are very informal where you can play at whatever level you’re at.

The Tournaments, although more organized and structured, are FUN! Test your savvy and your horse’s confidence and trust on several level appropriate tasks.  Tournaments are not about competing with others but are instead measuring your ability to preserve your relationship with your horse while under pressure.  Don’t miss these fun opportunities for a little friendly competition and lots of laughs. Prizes for all!

We honor the priorities of Safety, Comfort and Play for both you and your horse.  No matter whether it’s a PlayDay or a Tournament, we always put the horse first and never sacrifice our relationship for the task.


Saturday, April 13th, 2024

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Fixed Weave Pattern
2′ Timber Coop
Heavy Timber Logs
Multi-Level Drop Jump
Car Wash
Balance Beam
Teeter Totters
Oxer Bush Jump
Tire Pedestal
Multi-Level Tire Pedestal
Multi-Tire Step Through
Wooded Areas with Natural Obstacles
Short Fenced Trail
Water Crossing

Pre-registration required:  (919) 452-3023

PlayDays: $20 to Participate / Free to Audit

Tournaments: $50 to Participate / $10 to Audit

Don’t forget to bring a simple potluck item (finger type food) or your own bag lunch for our mid-day lunch break.  Water, coffee, tea provided.

Watch for announcements for group outings where you can join others for local trail rides, hunter paces or competitions/shows where we “take the time it takes” and preserve our relationship with our horse.

IMPORTANT INFO — All horses coming to EagleBear Farm must have copy of current negative Coggins.  We strongly suggest that your horse be current on vaccinations OR  have had titers on anti-bodies OR not had exposure to other horses within 6 mos.  We also appreciate your having had negative fecals for worms – we are virtually a worm free barn and are totally supportive of natural wormers.