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DJ_L2/3 ClinicDon Jessop 2011: Level 2/3 Clinic

DJ_L3/4ClinicDon Jessop 2011: Level 3/4 Clinic

What a great experience! I have uploaded all images from the 2011 Don Jessop Clinic on Flickr for you to view. Please note that these are low resolution files and will not print or enlarge on screen very well. If you would like to purchase images for your own (non-commercial) use please see prices below. (I will also consider trades for gear). When referring to individual images please use image number/ title. Thanks! KIM

Archive CD/DVD 2 Day clinic *MED RES: $20
Archive CD/DVD 3 Day clinic *MED RES: $30

Custom CD/DVD of up to 10 *HI-RES images: $50
Single *HI-RES image (includes proof) : $5

Note: Due to extreme variation in lighting conditions, some images may appear too light or dark depending on the situation. In most cases this can be corrected. If there are specific images that you love but are not quite right, please let me know, and we’ll see what I can do to fix it.

(Includes price of single *HI-RES image)
Additional Retouching/ Color Balancing: $10/Image
Image Isolation (example below): $30/Image

Contact Information:

2135 Meares Road
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Approximate image sizes:
*LO RES: 640 x 480
*MED RES: 1500 x 1200 (TBD)
*HI RES: up to 4000 x 3000